Ordering your V8V

As V8V Pedals are built to Customer's individual requirements, please email v8pete@virgin.net for details of currently available options.


Based on the classic Buzzaround fuzz pedal, this pedal from V8V uses a trio of Newmarket NKT germanium transistors to recreate the inimitable Buzzaround sound.

The current line-up is two NKT274's up front, and an NKT213 in the all important output stage (just like the original!)

Housed in the superb YY enclosure from Pedalenclosures, it's something really special...


The V8V SPARTACUS is a brand-new overdrive, which takes a good deal of sonic inspiration from the mighty Klon Centaur.

More details on the SPARTACUS page...

NEW!! Coming Soon !!

Currently under development - a very special hybrid fuzz..

...watch this space!!